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Message from the CEO

At OCP AFRICA, we know that if the farmers we serve are successful, our business will be successful - and we are inspired by what we can achieve working together -

Karim Lotfi Senhadji, CEO of OCP AFRICA

I am proud to lead OCP AFRICA, an African company working to transform agriculture in Africa. From its inception, OCP AFRICA was created to contribute to the sustainable development of African agriculture from simple subsistence to commercial farming.With a presence across the continent, we understand the complex needs of Africa’s soil and the farmers who tend to it. We know that increasing access to customized fertilizers for specific soils and crops increases farmers’ yields, enabling them to optimize their land and resources, and do so sustainably.

And although our core business is fertilizer – and that’s an important part of our strategy – our commitment goes far beyond just solving a fertilizer problem. While Africa is a continent with major challenges, it’s also one with a historic opportunity. We believe that Africa holds the keys to its own development, and that farmers have the capabilities to produce the resources needed to feed our people. Working with many partners throughout the value chain, OCP AFRICA intend to help spark a virtuous cycle that will unlock the continent’s vast potential. Now is the time for Africa to act on behalf of if its own people.