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Our approach

OCP AFRICA's approach

We take an end-to-end ecosystem approach that starts and finishes with the smallholder farmer. Smallholder farmers make up 
70% of sub-Saharan Africa and we believe empowering this population is key to improving agriculture yields and 
producing enough food to feed a growing global population.We understand the diverse and complex 
needs of Africa’s soils, and OCP AFRICA is committed to offering farmers the right price.


We do this by focusing on four main areas:

Customized fertilizers, soil nutrient mapping & agronomic testing

We provide access to affordable and appropriate fertilizers specific to the needs of individual crops and soils. We invest in soil nutrient mapping and soil and crop management testing, and we develop new fertilizer formulas to increase crop yields.

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Holisitic, farmer-centric support

We bring together partners throughout the value chain to provide the full range of support that farmers need to thrive – from skills training and soil testing to access to financing, insurance and markets.

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Agri-tech innovation

We are exploring digital agriculture and other innovations that can increase crop yields and assist farmers with other necessary inputs, services and marketing.

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Infrastructure & Logistics

We are investing heavily in production and logistics, including fertilizer blending and storage facilities, in many countries.

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