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 Our vision




African agriculture is at a transformational moment in its history  and - a time of incredible possibility and promise for farmers and industry alike. Can Africa become a world leader in sustainable farming, using local resources to realize the continent’s vast agricultural potential and help feed its growing population?

At OCP AFRICA, we believe the answer is “yes.” We are committed to working hand-in-hand with the people who will make this a reality . African smallholder farmers – enabling them to move from subsistence to a more modern way of farming.

Putting smallholder farmers first

OCP School Lab

In cooperation with the International Center for Research in Agroforestry and CGIAR, OCP AFRICA's School Lab program helps raise awareness of the importance of soil testing by providing demonstrations with SoilCares technology.

Farmers benefited

350 000

Farmers benefited from OCP Scholl Labs in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Falso, Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire.

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Agribooster is a unique initiative for food crops that provides farmers with support for every aspect of the agricultural value chain. Through Agribooster, we are connecting farmers to financing and insurance, working with local extension agents to train them on proper fertilizer use, collaborating with other providers to ensure they have the right fertilizer and other inputs.



Farmers benefited

140 000

Smallholder farmers reached so far in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

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It is in our DNA to help smallholder farmers thrive and prosper. We have invested heavily to develop strategic partnerships with governments, institutions, experts and other players in the agricultural field to provide the full range of support African farmers need to prosper.