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Mobile laboratories to raise awareness on agricultural practices

OCP School Lab is a mobile School and Laboratory that goes to most remote areas during 2 to 3 defined campaigns. Each campaign lasts from 6 to 10 weeks where the vehicle is continuously on the road.

Every day, the OCP School Lab stops in a new village to meet with smallholder farmers. The program offers free live soil testing to 30-50 key opinion leaders that were pre-identified with the help of local institutions, but also live training sessions to 100 farmers from the surrounding areas.

This innovative program aims at increasing the yields and the incomes of smallholder farmers on strategic crops by offering 2 major agri-services:

  • Interactive training sessions with live demos on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and animated videos for higher impact;
  • Soil-testing using the latest innovations (X-rays, big data, and machine learning) and live information on soil needs and fertilizer recommendations.