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Côte d’Ivoire

About Côte d’Ivoire

OCP Africa aims to ensure Ivorian farmers recognize the positive impacts of fertilizer on their crop yieds and gain access to larger sales markets. To make this a reality, OCP Africa actively engages a diverse selection of partners – including African agricultural coalitions and local farmers and distributors – to improve the country’s infrastructure. The subsidary is also developing a fertilizer blending facility and regularly creates educational programming for Ivorian farmers.


  • Type of Presence: Subsidiary

  • Number of Employees: 23

  • Key Partners: ANADER, CNRA, ADERIZ, IFDC, World Cocoa

  • Foundation; African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Parnership, AfricaRice, Le Conseil du Café-Cacao, AgroWest Africa, Sea Invest, SoilCares,

  • University FHB, INP-HB, JESA .

  • Expected Growth: +96%

Main Crops

Cocoa, Palm, Oil, Coffee, Cassava, Rubber, Tree, Cotton, Bananas, Rice, Maize, Yam, Cashew

Additional Information

  • Growth rate : 7 %

  • Inflation rate : 0.4%

Côte d’Ivoire

– 01 BP 528 Abidjan 01- Abidjan, Plateau, 5e étage immeuble CRRAE-UMOA P: 00 225 20 20 36 00

Local Initiatives

OCP Africa provides a range of services to support local farmers.

OCP School Lab

In cooperation with National Centre for Research in Agriculture and National agency for Rural Development Support, OCP AFRICA’s School Lab helps raise awareness of the importance of soil testing by providing demonstrations with SoilCares technology. Through the program, farmers receive necessary information about fertilizer-use as well as training on agronomic best practices. In addition, the program offers product sales promotions and gives farmers and members of the supply chain the opportunity meet representatives and learn about the company during agricultural ‘caravans’ at village festivals. To date, the School Lab has provided advisory services and soil test results to more than 30,000 farmers.


In addition to connecting farmers with stakeholders across the supply chain, OCP AFRICA conducts fertilizer trials and trains stakeholders on OCP AFRICA fertilizer products and their impacts on crops and soils. Specifically, the Ivorian Agribooster Program educates local corn farmers about the impact of fertilizer on corn yields, and looks to improve their access to markets.

Development of new cocoa fertilizer formula

Since 2013, OCP contributes to the implementation of the program Fertilizer Initiative in Côte d’Ivoire. In this program, CNRA conducted a soil fertility map of cocoa. From this mapping, CNRA has suggested 6 new fertilizer cocoa formulas to be validated by tests. In tripartite agreement between OCP, CCC and CNRA, the validation field tests were started since 2017 for three years. The project objective is to confirm the effectiveness of the 6 new fertilizer on the yield of cacao trees and assess the economic viability of each fertilizer formula.







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Nicaise N’GUERE

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