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The Ivorian Ministry of Rice Promotion and OCP Africa seal an agreement to revitalize rice production

news - Côte d’Ivoire

Abidjan, september 4th  2020

The Ministry of Rice Promotion and OCP Africa signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at boosting rice production to ensure the country's self-sufficiency.

The Ministry and OCP Africa are convinced of the growth potential of the rice sector in Côte d'Ivoire and desire to create sustainable and innovative solutions to remove the main barriers to its full realization. The Parties intend to address these issues holistically by securing local value creation and socio-economic development of rice farmers.

The parties have agreed to conclude this agreement to provide themselves with an appropriate framework to define the conditions and modalities of their cooperation.

The main areas of cooperation retained by the two parties are as follows:

1. Development and structuring of the rice value chain 

2. Development of fertilizer formulas adapted to soil needs for reasoned fertilization

3. Training and sensitization of rice farmers on good agricultural practices

4. Digitization of the rice production process.

"This strategic partnership will allow us to guarantee a stable income to rice farmers, to reduce our rice imports, to significantly lower outflows of foreign currency, as well as to promote Ivorian rice to local and regional consumers" stated Mr. Gaoussou Touré, Minister of Rice Promotion.

"Through our holistic approach, we provide rice farmers with all the conditions necessary to increase their yields and incomes.

Our approach facilitates access to quality inputs, financing, training on good agricultural practices, and markets. The project also includes a digital component, with digital tools designed to help farmers decision making during the season and to better cooperate with the different players" explained Mohamed Benzekri, Vice-President of OCP Africa.